My co just gave all our babies 마이쥬s on our way to have mass dental checks.

Noooo hot british guy from the cast just asked me what my plans are for the week. Why doesn’t that ever happen when I’m single?

My Life These Days

I know I never post. Sorry. 

Midsummer Drama Update: Well, we rehearsed each scene once over the course of a month and a half and now we are off book as of yesterday. Because that makes sense, right? We rehearsed Acts 1/2 yesterday (took an hour longer than planned because obviously they must do all the blocking for the fairies while everyone else is sitting around waiting), then we got a lovely midnight e-mail saying the “TBD” rehearsal tonight would be Act 3. PTL I memorized everything Saturday, though I wasn’t too tight on the Act 3 stuff. We also have an outdoor rehearsal this Saturday (in a public park which is sure to be packed with people and which we may or may not get kicked out of) to run through the entire play… even though we haven’t actually blocked it all yet… because we may or may not have one outdoor show at the end of our run. Also, this promised “family friendly” show doesn’t look like it is actually going to be very family friendly in this conservative country. There goes my plan to invite my older students and the Korean families that I know.  So that stuff is fun.

But by far my biggest stress at the moment is deciding if I should stay and renew my contract this summer or if it’s time to go home. I swear, I change my mind about ten times a day. Sometimes, I think there is no way I can continue living here and doing this job for an extra 8 months (they want me to finish out the school year instead of going home when my contract is up at the end of June). I want to go home so badly~ I miss my family, I miss America (as strange as that is), I want to set up a life with more permanence in a job I could actually see myself doing long-term.

But then, I think about leaving my babies and my lovely apartment and my easy life and all the shopping and food and public transportation and… well, all the things that make life here so nice, and I think maybe I should wait it out a bit. I can always come back, obviously, but I’ve finally got a good apartment and furniture to fill it, which I would have to leave and liquidate if I left and completely start over from scratch if I returned.

And then there is TG, who I also sometimes think I’m done with, I could never marry, I don’t even like being with now… and then other times I adore being with him and I can’t imagine my life without him and I think that we could actually make marriage work if we both decided it was what we wanted. He does not treat me the way I always dreamed of being treated, but then again… guys that did, I didn’t end up liking in the end, so maybe being adored isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I know he loves me, but he doesn’t make me feel loved sometimes. I just don’t know how much of that is his fault and how much is mine.  And as much as I’m ready to get married and start a life with someone, he’s not. Which could be as much of our issue as anything else.

I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know how much more of the stress of indecision I can take.


See I look to good to be fucking youAnd I look to good to be loving youYou know I look way to good to be stuck with youI’m conceited I got a reason

This is *too* funny.


See I look to good to be fucking you
And I look to good to be loving you
You know I look way to good to be stuck with you
I’m conceited I got a reason

This is *too* funny.

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So last night I applied for an event~coordinating position back home. @.@

omgkwyyyy~ hahahaha another guy friend told me to give him a blow job instead of buying a present. What is it with guys and sex?? You may be on to something, though, about a fancy dinner being a waste… seconds ago, he told me just to make him “olive spaghetti.”

(also I got him a watch last year… and made him a giant cardboard pocket watch for Halloween. Another watch would be over-kill, right?)

Shoot I wrote this this morning but apparently it never posted…

But I need heelppp~ It’s the man’s birthday tomorrow and I am taking him out on Wednesday. Has anyone been to a fabulous Japanese or traditional Korean place they would recommend?

(I did google, I just would rather go off someone’s personal rec than a website’s rec, which is where all the tourists will be going).