Sitara Indian Cuisine

I’ve been walking past this new Indian restaurant on the cafe street in Hapjeong for the past couple of weeks.  I rather enjoy Indian food, so Music met me there for dinner tonight.  


Best Indian in Seoul, seriously.  At least, by my opinion (which, if I’m honest, isn’t exactly expert).  But honestly.  Go.  It’s called Sitara Indian Cuisine, 합정동 413-18.

We got Set A and Set B (their sets aren’t couple sets- they’re each for one person, so you can mix and match).  First course was soup.  He got some white chicken soup stuff and I got a tomato base soup- both were delicious and really unique, and mine was a bit spicy.  Then, they brought out the tandoori chicken and tandoori barbecued shrimp and pork.  I haven’t liked ANY of the tandoori chicken I’ve tasted here, but this… I couldn’t get enough.  It was so yummy I spaced taking a picture.

For curry, we got Palak Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala, both of which were delicious (especially the Palak Paneer!).   They came in fairly small portions, but considering how much food we got… Chicken Tikka Masala by itself was, like, W15,000 or something, and the most basic set was W19-20,000.  So it makes sense the curry portion wouldn’t be full-sized.  And the naan… oh the naan.  It wasn’t typical, but it was thick and chewy and delicious, and the garlic naan had actual chunks of garlic on it.

For the final part of our dinner, they brought out ice cream, which I am pretty sure the waiter said was Rosemary flavored.  It was lovely and unique and really fresh tasting, especially in bites that included the mango or strawberry syrup.

They were fairly busy and understaffed (the two waiters were really nice, but a touch hectic), but the restaurant is really pretty and they play nice, soothing music.  That, combined with the fabulous food…. makes it my new favorite place. <3